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This is just a space for me to share insights I have to a likeminded community of people. Letters may include practices, ideas, prompts as well as upcoming events!
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Falling Awake
Evolve your mind, body and breath with Sattva Yoga
Falling Awake put simply is about the progression out of stagnancy and sleep state into a more evolved and expanded version of yourself.

To awaken to the concept that all you will ever need lies within you.

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Welcome to Falling Awake. This is a space dedicated to planting the seed of your true nature, to inspire all the areas you may feel buried or blocked within. To begin the process of Falling Awake is to illuminate your potential by watering this seed to grow into the person you have always been. Will a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of water, and a little guidance the possibility  of this evolution in one step closer.

Falling Awake doesn’t mean you need to give up your current life, completely change who you are eg careers, roles, friends. It is a way in which we work with our current situation, whatever that may be, and add practices that will energise, lift and sustain you into alignment with the life you so so so deserve.

Fall Awake to the present moment

Fall Awake to your potential

Fall Awake to new practices

Fall Awake to abundance

Fall Awake to enriched memories 

Fall Awake to new enriched memories

Fall Awake to living the life of your ddreams

FALLING AWAKE TO vital health

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Drawing primarily from Tantric and Kundalini tradition of the Himalayas, Sattva Yoga is born. Falling Awake is a beautiful blend of the teachings founded in Sattva and evoved with elements of  Buddhism, Taoism and the I Ching. I am deeply inspired by the works of Dr Zack Bush M.D, Dr Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton. My hope is for Falling Awake to take the nectar from all these bounds of wisdom and formulate a unique platform for personal and spiritual growth.

Awakening to the truth that YOU ARE ALL YOU WILL EVER NEED is a core value of Falling Awake, to cut back and let go of that which is no longer serving in order to uncover your true Self. Establishing a consistent practice is supremely relevant in aiding this discovery as well cultivating the life we both desire and deserve. Life really is too short to feel anything less than extraordinary, so let’s embark together on the journey of falling awake to your highest Self!

"you master your life when you master your breath"

- Anand Mehrotra
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