I have tried meditating before, but it didn’t really work for me. My mind was so busy! Will this be different?

Yes! Sattva Meditation is not about controlling our mind, rather we are effortlessly transcending it. Whilst you may think that your mind is “too busy” to ever experience a state like that, this course will guide you in a new way of interacting with your mind for a deeper, quieter practice.

I am so busy, I can hardly find enough hours in the day as it is! Will I be able to fit it in?

This is a common query that arises in most people when they decide to take up the practice. But don’t be fooled, there are SO many ways, little tricks of the trade as they say, that will help you fit in your practice, that end up adding to your day rather than subtracting time from it.

What is Sattva?

Sattva in Sanskrit can be translated as “Whole” or “Purity of Form” of which is the path of Sattva Yoga.

Sattva Yoga, is an integrated approach to experiencing yoga for all that it is, an integrated system of practices that work towards unity. It is an ever-evolving practice blended with Meditation, Kriya, Asana, Pranayama, Movement and timeless wisdom. It is ultimately the practice of transcending both the mind and body to reach deeper states of stillness and silence.

I Have learnt Vedic Meditation, is it the same as Sattva?

In short, no, they are not the same. Whilst both are beautiful practices and fall under the category of “Effortless, mantra based transcendence”. Sattva, whilst a whole unique tradition on its own, the practice itself is unique in that you are initiated into two extra techniques that come before your mantra, priming you for your meditation experience.

Do I need previous experience for any of the practices you offer?

You need absolutely no prior experience of meditation, yoga or anything remotely spiritual at all for any of the offerings at Falling Awake

These practices are tools you will have for life to help you traverse the human experience.

I am trying to wrap my head around the money I will spend on myself, any advice?

For some of us, it can be a really big decision to spend any/this kind of money on ourselves, even if we know it is good for us. We can often justify spending money on others, or things like clothes, cars, memberships and other material things...but when it comes to healing ourself we generally say "I just cant afford it"...My question is, can we really afford not to?

I invite students to reframe from looking at pricing as an expense or cost to an investment into a lifetime of health and wellbeing as your one-time purchase gives you a skill you will have for life.

Still Unsure....Try this sentence on for size:
"How CAN I afford this" - Perhaps if these offerings are something you are genuinely considering, it might be as simple as shuffling certain things around, including the language we use when we are referring to our money.

Another way to look at it, is you are paying for a course of which you get to interact with a teacher asking questions and gaining answers. At the end of the 4-day immersive, you acquire a lifelong skill in which you can take out into the world - Yes, you will be a fully self-sufficient meditator.

I also did a quick google when putting this together to see if I could relate the price point... A study showed that the average Australian will spend $1891 on household alcohol (meaning not when going out/events) Per year! This is almost double the full price for an adult to sit the course...every year.

Can’t I just google and get a mantra off the internet to meditate with?

Ofcourse you can, however you are investing in a course. Meditation is a skill that has been taught this way for thousands of years. At Falling Awake, you will recieve the contents of this course as well as multiple forms of back end support.

Yes you can find a mantra on google, but what you wouldnt find are the specific ways in which we use and relate to the mantra which requires skill and guidance from a teacher.

On paper I have done over 1000 hours of study into the methodology and philosophy of Sattvic practices, as well as innumerable hours of personal sadhana and study to expand upon this foundational knowledge.

There is truly so much wisdom behind these techniques, where the teacher-student relationship is really the only way you can begin to deeply unpack these concepts into pure, experiential understanding.

It is also super helpful it is to have access to a teacher that is passionate about meditation and evolution of Self!

If you have any more questions please reach out, I'm always happy to chat 🧘
Thank you, we will be in touch shortly ✅
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