breathwork & kriya

Did someone say… Breathwork?
If this is not the word of the moment then I don’t know what is! We, in the West, are (finally) starting to wake up to the potency of Pranayama and Kriya practices that the Yogis of the Himalayas and indigenous cultures around the world have known, experienced and embodied for thousands of years.

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“Master your breath, you master your energy. Master your energy, you master your life”

 – Anand Mehrotra 

1:1 personalised breath practice: Sadhana Initiation

In Yoga we take on practices in the form of a Sadhana (Pronounced: Sud-uh-nah) which can be translated as disciplined daily practice.

This can look like many things, however here, we take on a specific practice or ritual for 21 or 40 days to make potent shifts in the way we are currently interacting with the world around us. A highly personalised practice to propel you forward on the path to becoming the highest version of yourself.

This form of sadhana is deisgned using 3 primary technologies from the Tantric and Kundalini tradition of the Himalayas.
1) PRANAYAMA - The Yoga of Breath
2) KRIYA- The Yoga of Energetic, Evolutionary Action
3) MANTRA- The yoga of resonance, sound and language

Together we will discuss what areas in your life you are wishing to create change. The areas in which you feel stuck, sticky, and stagnate. Perhaps you are wanting to overcome limiting emotions like social anxiety or you’d like to move beyond narratives that no longer serve you... Alternatively there may be areas in your life you are seeking to enhance for example creativity, energy, libido, communication etc.

From here I will tailor you your own unique and personalised sadhana, we will practice together and you will continue this for a minimum of 21 days.

  • Offering includes: -    
     1x 30 minute 1:1 initial consultation (on phone, zoom or in person over a coffee if you’d prefer)
     1x 60 minute private session where we break down the practice and work together on key areas to address moving forward (In person or via zoom)

  • Investment:
    $222 for a profoundly transformative 90 minutes plus 21 day access to session recordings

  • This offering is for you if    

    - You are feeling stuck or stagnate in any way and want to overcome these limiting feelings

    - You are lacking energy, feeling tired often and lethargic (either a little or a lot)

    - You are seeking change: yearning for a deeper  connection with yourself and the world around

    - You fall asleep every time you sit down to meditate

    - You suffer (either a little or a lot) from anxiety or depression and are sick of being overruled by these emotions

    - You desire to enhance your natural gifts

    - You’d like to experience what a consistent breath practice feels like and how it will add to your life

    - Your curious about adding a sense of ritual or daily practice into your life

    If you resonate with just one, or all of these concepts above, then please get in touch.

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breathwork & kriya

Besides group classes & online zoom breath sets, Falling Awake offers 1:1 Personalised Breathwork and Kriya sessions. Designed to evolve your state of being through harnessing the power of the breath

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pranayama is the yoga of breath

kriya is the yoga of electricity and energy

Across the globe the breath is recognised as that thing we subconsciously do that keeps us alive. Whilst this is true, there is SO much more involved in the precious act of inhalation and exhalation, which is something I am beyond excited to share with you.

At Falling Awake, I am drawing from the ancient Pranayama and Kriya practices from the Himalayas, that are born out of the Tantric and Kundalini traditions. These practices are activating, stabilising techniques that enliven both nervous system and the energetic system.

Why? When we balance and stabilise our body’s fundamental systems, we create a coherent state of being…and this mind-body coherence is the key to living a life of purpose and vitality

the benefits

  • Significantly increased energy levels, Or if already full of energy, the power to instantaneously find calmness and stillness through the breath
  • Activates the Vagus Nerve 
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Regulates Co2 Blood Pressure  
  • Decreases Heart Rate 
  • Oxygenates Mitochondria that improve cell regulation 
  • Enhances Immune system functioning
  • Boosts Vitamin Absorption 
  • Reduces chronic inflammation 
  • Contributes to maintenance of healthy weight 
  • Combats fight-flight-freeze response 
  • And so much more…but come and try and see for yourself! 

“breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh
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